Our customers trust us with their best and our services make them come back year after year.



"Jerri's Cleaners & Launderers is a Greenwich Village mainstay of an independently owned and operated local business that sets the standard for excellence in people and earth friendly customer service. In addition, the establishment offers first rate alterations."

- George R



"A bright spot in Greenwich Village!

I have been using Jerry's for over 11 years, and I shall go no place else! In my 35 years of living in GV, Jerry's is BY FAR the BEST. They do a perfect job every time, they get out the tough stains and have saved numerous garments, they are fast and deliver with a smile. I love using them for dry cleaning, stain removal, laundry and their tailor is a master. ALL the guys who work there are so cool, and handsome too! They know me by name and it they make me feel like a KING I go in, customer service is deeply felt. All my neighbors love them as well. Jerry's please stay there forever!"

- Richard B



"I've been using Jerri's for 14 years and absolutely adore them.  

In fact, I love them so much that, when I moved to a new apartment, I was very concerned that we were still within their delivery radius because I was completely unwilling to switch dry cleaners!  I've brought them countless garments for alteration (I'm very small, so virtually all my jeans and dresses have to be altered), and their tailor has done an excellent job with every single one.  They've gotten out grease stains, blood stains, wine stains, you name it.  I have always found their owners and employees to be more than polite ... friendly and warm and committed to their customers."

- Julie T